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For some reason, hacking someone’s phone is increasingly popular today. Tons of hacking cellphone methods are shared through diverse platforms online. However, not all of them are legitimate or do the work as one will expect. Some of them may even cause you problems as it’s traceable. At this point, you’d need to find a reliable approach when you decide to hack a phone. There are six ultimate ways you can consider for cell phone hacking below.

Keylogger App To Access All Information

The keylogger has become the ultimate way to hack android phones remotely and access pretty much all information logged in the hacked devices. Whether it’s browsing history, account login credentials, contacts, and all media files, they’re all can be accessed. How does it work? Keylogger records the finger taps or keystrokes inputted in hacked devices. The main challenge of this method is to install the keylogger app/tool into the targeted device.
Once you install it, you can hack an android phone remotely where you’d be able to know every stroke inputted in the device from your side through your phone. Some advanced keylogger apps can hide, so the targeted person won’t quickly realize someone is hacking their phone. You’d be continuously receiving the logs as long as the keylogger tools remain on the hacked phone.

Credential Phishing

How can hackers get your credentials? You might have been familiar with phishing warnings. Phishing is a hacking method where a phone hacker installs malicious apps on the targeted devices in one or another way. The main challenge of phishing is to set a scheme that can successfully lure targets to install the malicious app. The schemes range from faking winning gifts of e-commerce to personal email. The main objective is to gather credentials that they input on the landing page you’ve set up through the links.
The target will click the link that redirects them to your scheme page, where they have to provide their information so that you can enter their phones. Another challenge of phishing is where the target phones have anti-virus software. The anti-virus informs the users about malicious activities or fake websites and prevents them from clicking.

Spam Messaging

When it comes to Android phones, Google accounts are of the most prominent hacking targets. Hackers use these accounts for almost all digital and online activities of Android phone users. From social media accounts to financial accounts, users may link their Google accounts to those platforms. Google accounts track all actions of the users. At this point, when you can access a Google account, you can access all various accounts they link to that google account.

You can hack pretty much into everything once you take over a google account, and spam messaging could be a straightforward approach for this hacking target. The short security codes for these accounts are sent personally to linked Android phones. Spam messaging is when you send messages to the targeted number, so the phone owner provides you with the security code. Once you get the security code, you can change the password, and you’re taking over their Google accounts.

Intercepting Connection

You can intercept a connection of someone’s phone just by setting a Wi-Fi Hotspot by targeting the targeted phone’s unencrypted traffic throughout the network. Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot is easy, and many people are looking for a free internet connection in the public space. This method is eligible if the targeted phones are within reach of your Wi-Fi hotspot. This method’s main challenge is to ensure the phone owner accessing the hotspot you’ve set up, especially if you have a specific target.
In this method, you can play a little scheme as the Wi-Fi operator. You can set up free Wi-Fi in the public space and allow people to connect it without a password. Once they access your hotspot, you can access unencrypted files, including emails, messages, or transfer media files. From there, you can gain the information you need from the connected phones.

USB Hacking

While it sounds very conventional, it could be an eligible approach, especially for unexpected moments. When someone’s phone connects to a computer or station device, it’s open to hacking attacks in many forms. Smartphones that run Android OS would typically mount their hardware as tone they connect via USB. From there, the hacking action would depend on the goals you want to achieve.
You can basically do pretty much everything on the USB-connected phone. Whether it’s connected through LAN or a standalone PC, you can access the file just like opening the file explorer. You may want to copy or delete files but other hackers may upload malware or spyware to get activate the remote hacking properties. The target of USB hacking is any data stored on the device that can be used for various purposes.

Hacking with Spy App

Spy app comes as one of the handiest tools when it comes to cell phone hacking. You might have thought that spy apps are the same as keylogger apps but it’s not an accurate thought. Even though they share some similar features, they’re different in nature. In the context of cell phone hacking, advanced spy apps not only allow you to view keystrokes or texts but also monitor the whole activities and actions performed on the phone. Spy app works as a phone tracker that catches both visual and audio experiences in the phone without going through any translations.
Whenever applicable, hacking cell phones with spy apps could be a straightforward but versatile solution. Whether you want to monitor your employees, keep track of your kids, or spying on your partner/spouse, spy apps are a practical method to choose. How further you can go would depend on the spy app selection and your goals.

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