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Would you intentionally advertise your personal information or that of your customers on a website? To make a cyber-attack impossible, sensitive data like your home address, credit card numbers, and passwords or for companies and business owners, customer information, it is advisable to store such information in deep layers of security. In this digital age, the protection of data (either as individuals or as large businesses with millions of customers or even small companies) is now a grave issue. The European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)across all EU countries to ultimately ensure that organisation do not exploit their citizens’ data. The GDPR provides that organisations protect the data of all customers and prevents it from being used maliciously. It also prevents personal data, such as social security numbers obtained illegally from being used or accepted by organisations.

Consider this for a moment: What would happen to your business if you fell victim to data theft, loss of critical infrastructure, or fraud? When sensitive information gets stolen, your reputation may become compromised as a result of the unwelcome publicity that comes with this type of hack. You would almost certainly lose some customers or clients. How would this unfortunate incident impact on your’ bottom line’?

If you’re a company that does business online, you owe it to your customers to protect their valuable data by ensuring your website is as secure from fraudsters as it possibly can be. Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) encryption is essential for sites like this. It ensures that data exchanged between the servers and browsers of millions of users is kept private. To an extent, a website with an SSL connection is a tad more secure because it means they would have gone one step further to secure their website by purchasing an SSL certificate that comes with a public and private key when activated. The intricacies of the SSL protocol remains invisible to customers. However, their browsers provide them with a ‘key’ indicator informing them that an SSL encrypted session currently protects them. Typically, an SSL Certificate contains your domain name, company name, address, your city, state, and your country of origin. It includes the date of expiration of the Certificate and details of the Certification Authority responsible for issuing the Certificate.

Website security is one of the significant considerations consumers take into account before sharing their details online. A company needs to therefore, ensure that malicious hackers cannot steal customer data that used on such websites in transacting. Recently, people are more aware of the dangers of sharing their personal information with ‘faceless’ corporate websites which may offer them little protection from data breaches by unscrupulous hackers.

The good news here is that these dangers and online threats are avoidable. How?

A Security audit by a licensed website security consultant will identify areas of vulnerability and weakness in your company’s website and resolve these issues before real trouble strikes. It is always advisable to have your site checked out by someone other than your web developer. Why? Because your web developer is too close to the project and is unlikely to pick up anything he’s overlooked the first time around. It’s like proof-reading your reports. Isn’t it always easier to find glaring mistakes in a document someone else has written, rather than something you have written yourself?

A professional website security consultant will run automated and manual tests on your web applications to ensure everything is as secure as it possibly can be. Any security issues picked up will be dealt with immediately.

Some of the benefits of having your website professionally audited include:

  • If you handle monetary transactions online, you will satisfy the mandatory industry requirements of the ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).’ It requires all enterprise and Web applications handling credit card and account information to undertake an extensive audit of custom application code.
  • Customers will feel more secure about doing business with you.
  • You will be more relaxed about your business’s liability, knowing that your website and the data associated with it are as safe as you can make it.

Nowadays, organisations employ cybersecurity experts to handle all matters that relate to the network security of the company. These information securities and cyber experts spot security breaches in a company’s network and advise on the best, most secure, latest security software to deploy, and sometimes implements it where a company chooses to leave the experts to worry about their network security. TheHackNetwork ranked as one of the best cybersecurity experts in 2018. They comprise of a team of licensed white hat hackers with decades of experience who offer customised services to suit their large base clientele.

TheHackNetwork services extend to building and securing top-notch websites for their clients who range from multinational companies who trade on their website to small businesses who want to make their presence known to their customers. They can also advise on additional steps companies need to take in securing its website, protect their business, and ways to prevent hackers from gaining access to computer systems through the company’s network.

You can visit the website security consultancy firm for vulnerability analysis and know and understand more of the services they provide, or send a mail to

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