Physical Signs That May Suggest Your Husband Is Cheating

Some thoughts running through your mind suggests your husband may be cheating. Could you be jumping into hasty conclusions? But then again – your guts! Never ignore that gut – feeling because it is mostly right; they are not mere suspicions. As much as it is better to trust your husband wholeheartedly, it is risky to assume that his affection may never stray someday. If you notice things are not just as they used to be, what are the signs to look out for in your marriage? How can you tell whether or not he is faithful?

Here are some physical signs that suggest your husband is cheating on you

  1. Enjoys a lot of virtual time – Although smartphones have become companions to pretty much everyone in the world today, there should be a cause for worry when your husband cannot leave his phone unattended. Cheating does not just happen in a split second, and before it blossoms into full-time infidelity, some platforms exist that encourage growing and nurturing feelings through the usage. If your husband seems a little extra with his phone, taking it everywhere, always online even in the bathroom, keeps smiling at his phone, snatches his phone from you when you want to look, there may be something he is hiding from you.
  2. Workaholic Husband – Statistics show that working-class men, especially men who spend more time at home, are more prone to cheat than husbands who work from home or spend less time at work. While these men work tirelessly, they start getting close to a co-worker who they spend more time with while in the office. It is evident that naturally, we tend to develop feelings for people who are mostly around us. Observe his business tours and late-night projects in the office; if they have suddenly increased, an office affair might just be building up somewhere.
  3. Mirror mirror on the wall – Think about it – It all starts from the art of self – consciousness, a sudden obsession with fitness or perfection. If your husband begins to spend so much time in the mirror, gym, or worry unnecessarily about his shape or size, he suddenly wants to start hitting the gym, especially when you do not complain about his weight. How about becoming so concerned about his outfit and style, especially if he has never been the Oh-so-fashionable kind, there might be someone he is trying so hard to please.
  4. He refuses to take specific calls when you are around – If they are calls from work, Stacey, Manny, and Aunt Shelley, even right in the middle of dinner, he boldly picks up the call. However, notably, you have noticed he doesn’t entertain certain calls around you or walks out to take the call somewhere private. Your husband is having a side-piece somewhere.
  5. Loses interest in having sex – Sex is one of the beautiful things that keep a marriage going. But suddenly your husband doesn’t find it interesting anymore and always comes up with the “I’m so tired” or “Not tonight please” excuse that goes on for a couple of months, there might be a problem. He just might be getting adventurous with someone else.
  6. He develops an interest for certain new things – Spending time with a person, you realize you begin to act like them, use specific phrases they use, like the things they like, or develop an interest in something they love. When your husband becomes so bold and wants to try out things he was never interested in, or probably suggests new sex moves or positions – oh well, you might want to be at alert. There just might be a sexy lady somewhere pulling all the right strings on him and teaching him new things!
  7. He now prefers to go out alone – Your husband suddenly doesn’t need your company anymore. He makes up excuses for wanting to go out alone consistently. His friend’s night out has suddenly tripled, and you know you don’t have to be there. Do not brush off your instincts; infidelity is lurking around somewhere. He just might be making out that alone time for his new partner.
  8. Gets so defensive over little things – When your husband begins to react so harsh to simple questions like where have you been? Or he snaps at you when you call to find out where he is. He suddenly starts accusing you of cheating even when you have never made mention of anything as such about him; note this – “he’s trying to play the defense mechanism on you”. Watch that space!
  9. He starts to forget what stories he has told you – When your husband starts getting all “remember the old lady I told you about the other day at the park?” and you are sure he never mentioned, chances are he just might be juggling more than one woman. Yes! That is when men start to mix up stories! Also, if he begins every story with “did, I tell you already”? He just might be trying to make sure not to get things mixed up with his other confidant.

While all these signs may be right, the bigger picture is this – “if your man isn’t happy with his relationship, it pushes him to do so many things.” It’s not just about the sex; if he’s not getting the right kind of love, understanding, he may try to find another piece that completes him. Marriage is one bond that requires a whole lot of tending.

In all you do, make sure you pay attention to your man too, not only women need attention. As much as a man may seem challenging to understand, men are always easy to read. Try to analyze his behavior, connect the puzzle before concluding. A little doubt can ruin a healthy relationship. I suggest you rely more on communication rather than signs; by this, I mean communicating your observations with him. And if you still think your man is cheating, think one more time. You can even resort to professional help to keep track of your suspicion.

When you finally conclude, your husband is cheating on you, get things right, or get out of the relationship.



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