Six Dangers of a Hacked WhatsApp Account and How to Recover It


Once you realize that someone has hacked your WhatsApp account, your first thought may be that it would be a nightmare. Not only can hackers access chats, media, and all information in your WhatsApp web account, but you’d also be worried about what hackers would use them for in the long run. Below are six dangers of  Hacked WhatsApp account and

Hackers may have different motives, but it’s a violation of privacy, and you may get seriously disadvantaged from these. Some hackers intentionally hack WhatsApp accounts to steal information, but they may also want to use it for particular purposes. These are how hackers can use your WhatsApp after they’ve successfully hacked it.

Requesting Money from Your Contacts

When hackers decide to use a WhatsApp account, the most common scenario is where they request money from your contacts. This scenario works most of the time because they’re asking for money under your name. Unless you’ve warned them, the hacker can easily convince people in your contacts to send the hacker money he/she requested. Hackers realize that this scheme only works on timing, so they demand money from several people in your contacts simultaneously.

Here is what to do whenever you’ve realized suspicious activities in your Whatsapp account or as you get as minimum as one report from your contact about such activities. You should contact people in your contact list or announce that someone is hacking your Whatsapp. Use regular phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, or other platforms to inform people in your contact list.

Malware Installment

Hackers can also use your Whatsapp account to send links containing malware to people in your contacts. It’s compelling for them as your friends or family would think that it’s you, and most people ask, can iPhone be hacked? They may even not expect it. Once the recipients click the malicious link, it would install malware on their devices. Otherwise, they’d be redirected to the phishing landing page while hackers easily convince them to fill the form with sensitive information.

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Frauds and Scams

There are also chances where hackers commit financial frauds or scams using your hand. They can scam people in your contacts with fake financial offerings with early deposits. Since the victims may think it’s you, they can be easily convinced and deposit their funds. You can imagine any financial scams, and hackers can use any of them to scam people in your contacts. Some victims may confirm this offering directly to you via phone call or text messages, but others don’t.

Cyber Crimes

At this point, you might have realized that hackers can do pretty much everything with a hacked Whatsapp account. They can use your account to commit serious cyber crimes without you realizing it. However, the hacking activities leave signs and traces that make the reverse process still possible. If you notice any sign or report about your Whatsapp account’s suspicious activities, you need to contact a professional hacker immediately.

Hand It To Their Clients

Another person can also hire hackers to hack WhatsApp online into another account. These include when someone needs to monitor or spy on their partner, children, or employees. At this point, hackers can use the hacked accounts for the sake of their clients. They can hand all information obtained in the Whatsapp account or the account itself to their clients. From there, the clients decide what or how they would use the information.

Chances of Being Hacked in WhatsApp?

The chances of being hacked in WhatsApp are lower than any comparable instant messaging platform. Whatsapp’s conversations are fully end-to-end encrypted, so it’s almost impossible to intercept the communication through the backdoor. Even developers can view your conversation as it’s encrypted from point to point. However, there are still chances of someone hacking your Whatsapp account.
Most WhatsApp account hacking cases involve social engineering where hackers lure the account owner with particular schemes to provide his/her Whatsapp account credentials. Hackers may also apply other methods like WhatsApp web hacking, MAC address spoofing, and spy/keylogger tools. On the other hand, hackers would still need to reach the target’s phone for the verification code or do some configuration to support their topology. That’s why you should never share any code, credentials or let anyone else access your phone.

What To Do When Someone Hacks Your WhatsApp Account

  • First of all, you need to inform people in your contacts about your situation and ask them to ignore or beware of any requests coming from the hacked accounts.
  • Second, send a report email to, and you can request for deactivation if you’ve completely lost your account.
  • Third, after successful deactivation, you can reactivate your WhatsApp account within 30 days.

Fourth, you can activate your account using the same phone number or the new one.

If you decide to use a new phone number with the worry of recurring problems, you need to close the Whatsapp account permanently. Is it recurring, or can sim cards be hacked? If someone still has access to your WhatsApp account, they can always use it until you close the account. You can request a permanent WhatsApp account closure to WhatsApp support. Only this way can you cut out the vicious cycle and start a new account. You need to inform your contacts about your new account.

Counter-hacking WhatsApp Account with ethical hackers

Some account owners would continue to fight for their WhatsApp accounts by hiring an ethical hacker to take over their accounts. Professional hackers may be able to counter-hack the hacked WhatsApp account and hand it to the original owner. Even though there’s no guarantee, WhatsApp account owners would still make a bet on this method as the phone-number-linked WhatsApp account is essential for them. If you decide to use ethical hacking services, then you’d need to hire reputable, ethical hackers to help you take over your WhatsApp account. Visit the verified-hackers platform if your require WhatsApp hacking services.

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