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Hackers can do almost everything one will regard as impossible, like hacking someone else’s account to move money. They can do more than stealing money; they can help you change your school grade and more. Although, most hackers aid in the activity of catching their fellow hackers by helping those grand institutions and companies secure all the loopholes behind their security firewalls.

Not every part of the internet is visible while searching through the internet content. Some of the invisible parts like the Dark web requires you to have strong authentication to access it. People regard the dark web as a place where you find whatever you are looking for, whether you are searching for a hacker, company information, and more.

With the dark web in existence, most hackers still find a way to promote their services in the visible part of the internet, where users without dark web access can connect. Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies, it is now easy for these hackers to sell their services through the ordinary web to receive payments without leaving a trace.

Today, hackers do not have to lurk in the shadows of the dark web again. Whenever you have a complicated problem, like your partner cheating on you, and you need a piece of evidence, why not contact a jack to do your help? Even if you are graduating with a poor grade and can’t figure what to do, a hacker can fix the issue quickly by hacking the school system to alter your score grade. You should know that by using a hacker’s service, you are bypassing the legal boundaries, which might not be simple on your arrest.

Here are the things a hacker can do for you when you are working with a budget.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) (price $5 – $25/hour)

DDoS attract extremely bad for any business because it can easily affect the reputation of the business operation by causing a severe financial loss. Most of the companies today even try using cloud-based service to protect their business from being hacked. Also, as at that, once an old loophole closes, another one opens up.

It’s possible because bypassing a company server is not an easy task. During the process, the hacker has to keep the users blocked from accessing the portal until all actions they finish.

Rewards points transfer price $10 – $450

Stealing someone else’s loyalty reward points is the service most hackers offer with a token amount of $10 and above depending on the point quantity. The rewards points can be from hotels, airlines, and restaurants. A hacker can bypass the firewall and have access to move points from different user’s accounts into a new account. Reports show that 50,000 rewards points can cost around $10.

Hacking a social media account price $130

Hacking of social media account has been one of the critical reasons why people look for a hacker. Maybe their partner has always been focusing on social media without paying so much attention to their conversation lately. Then, the frustration comes, who’s he/she chatting with all the time? Which can lead to the purchase of hacker’s service in the hacking of social media accounts?

The service fee might depend on which account that you want the hacker to bypass, whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram it is totalled to a minimum of $130.

Hacking a cell phone price $21 per month

Just as explained above, there are several reasons why one might decide to bug someone else’s phone. But it’s not easy as it sounds because it all depends on the brand, model, device type, and OS of the phone will determine the cost of the service. Having a hacker to monitor someone’s mobile phone can cost more than $50 per month.

Recently, the monitoring of phones has been made a lot easier for hackers as we are in the era of Android and IOS devices. These devices use GPS to monitor the device’s location while determining where the owner of the phone goes every minute of the day. But when you need a sophisticated hacking like stealing of data from the mobile phone, a hacker will charge you more.

Facebook hacking

Hacking into Facebook to discover bugs according to the bug bounty promotion broadcasted in the DEFCON conference will generate a reward for you because the company had already kept $500 to $3000 in 2017.

Although, recently, a Russian, Andrew Leonov, discovered malware was hiding behind digital photos of which Facebook paid him a massive amount of $40,000 for his effort in locating the glitch.

Hacking an email account price $500

Hacking an email account, whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email accounts, the price starts from $500. The email can either be an individual or company email. The price may differ exquisitely based on the type of email. Having an individual email can cost around $500, but a business or company’s email can require more. By hacking a business email, a hacker can move a hundred, thousands, or millions of dollars depending on the company’s revenue.

Online bank Heist $40 and up

Using the service of a hacker to move companies or individual funds can cost more than $40. It also depends on the institution firewall that you want the hacker to break. Moreover, you can’t expect a hacker to hack a popular bank system at $40. But if it’s to steal a range of 1000-1500 by paying the hacker $40, it will be quite comfortable. The more popular the banking system is, the stronger the firewall is to bypass.

As much as it becomes crucial to hire hackers for specific processes, it is even more important to stay anonymous when engaging. Your best bet for any hacking request online will be websites such as Verified-Hackers.

Need a hacker? Feel free to hire one today and don’t forget to stay anonymous¬†



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