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Database hacking is among the essential arts of the hacker. Usually, the hacker is seeking access to data, and obviously, it usually resides in the database. For this reason, the database is the “Golden Fleece” of the hacker. Most often, attackers hack databases using the SQL injection, and as such, this section will focus on SQL Injection (SQLi) techniques and tools. You can hire a hacker to access a database on your behalf.

Hacker’s Choice of Top Six Mode of Database Attacks

One need not be an expert to hack into a database. An average attacker will take less than 10 seconds to enter into and get out of a database. The database administrator hardly ever notices the intruder. It is no surprise that organizations do not see many database attacks until long after the data breach.

Surprisingly, many experts believe that many organizations are yet to secure their database correctly. Nowadays, blackhat hackers are using shockingly simple attack methods to break into databases. For example, exploiting weak passwords and lax configuration, and capitalizing on known vulnerabilities that go unpatched.

Nowadays, companies can no longer lock down a handful of databases in a data center. Many businesses today retain hundreds and thousands of databases. They need to configure, secure, and monitor all the databases. Simultaneously, remote users, customers, and business partners all need access to them. Hackers are aware of enterprises’ database patch dilemma — in fact, they’re banking on a backlog.

With a lot of easy pickings lying around, Database attacks can be simple and straightforward. 

So, what are some of these hacks, and how can businesses stop them?

Let us look at the top six database hacks attackers are using today. Many of these hackers take advantage of the apparent flaws in how organizations set up their databases. Some of the weaknesses are useful to a malicious insider. Bad guys trying to steal valuable corporate data use the information as well. One way to lock down the database during or after an attack is to know how the attackers get in.

Hackers’ top six database attacks:
  1. Exploiting unused and unnecessary database services and functionality
  2. Brute-force (or not) cracking of weak or default usernames/passwords
  3. Privilege escalation
  4. Stolen backup (unencrypted) tapes
  5. SQL injection
  6. Targeting unpatched database vulnerabilities
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