The world is evolving, and people have forsaken the use of honest dialogue in resolving issues like catch a cheater. Relationships nowadays don’t yield accurate results, being the main reason why the use of technology is essential in determining when you’re dealing with a deceitful partner. Relationships are to be built on truth, though most people aren’t upholding this rule, and therefore go ahead to cheat on their partners. Reasons why you might be suspecting your spouse to be cheating on you, may likely be:

  • Hiding of cell phone, laptop, or credit cards.
  • Changing the lock codes of his/her device.
  • Not coming home after work with the usual excuse of working overtime.
  • Always nagging and lying about unnecessary issues.
  • Removal of your pictures from cell phones.
  • Not being sexually committed again.

We all know that relationship cheaters; always find it hard admitting to what they are doing. They always find it easy to keep nagging whenever you bring up conservations about the signs of them cheating on you. Your partner might even ask you of proof that you are sure of what you’re suspecting, which is where technology will outstandingly aid you. Nothing is more annoying than knowing what you can’t be able to prove, being the reason why you need to learn of the five (5) ways of catching your cheating spouse;

1. Using a spying and hacking software:  

You will be surprised to know that the constantly evolving technology today can help you track your cheating spouse cell phone. Nowadays, it’s much easier to catch cheaters through smartphones, computers, hidden cameras, and more. Surprisingly, several cheating spouse apps can be used in hacking and spying on your partner.

People that aspire to find more information about their spouse always go through with the option of spying or monitoring social media conversations like Whatsapp, Wechat, and Facebook. A spouse spying and hacking software will provide access to all the actions occurring on the targeted device such as email access, key-logging, and more.

If you notice that your partner is always chatting on his/her cell phone regularly while changing the initial access code, then something must be going on, which he/she is hiding from you. Either you try confronting your spouse or try accessing the information on his /her device by using spying apps like:

  • MSpy
  • FlexiSPY
  • Spyera
  • Highster mobile
  • Mobistealth

Each of these spying applications makes use of different settings, which you can configure based explicitly on the instructions initially listed on its official website. Cheating spouse hacking and spying software will ensure that all conversations done on the device of your spouse will transmit to your device assigned with admin access to the software. It can even monitor the location of your spouse device every minute of the day while recording other necessary information like outgoing and incoming calls in an audio format.

  2. Using the service of a hacker

Hackers can almost do everything you regard as impossible, like hacking someone else’s device to acquire essential data, whether it is your spouse’s cell phone or laptop devices. They can do more than stealing information from someone’s device, as they can also monitor them, tracking their location at all times. You don’t have to struggle with the use of spying software when you lack the knowledge because a hacker will probably charge you a few bucks to get it correctly done for you. Here are the top 2 ways a hacker can help you spy on your spouse:

·      Hacking of your partner’s social media accounts

Hacking of social media account is one of the main reasons why people look for a hacker. If you notice that your partner has always been focusing on social media without having much attention to you lately. Then, you are likely to be frustrated with who your partner is regularly chatting with all the time? Which can lead to the use of a hacker’s service?

·      Monitoring your spouse’s cell phone

Watching your spouse is one of the reasons why one might decide to bug someone’s cell phone. However, it is not easy for people without professional hacking skills as it all depends on the brand, model, and device type. Professional hackers monitoring your spouse’s cell phone can also use the GPS in the device when active to determine the exact location of your partner at all times. The hacker will collect enough evidence, and hand all of the received information and data from your spouse’s device to you.

3. Hire a Private Investigator

It’s not every cheater that can be caught through his/her cell phone or computer. If spying and hacking apps don’t seem to be effective in catching your spouse, your next option is hiring a private investigator. By agreeing to use the service of an investigator, you must be financially capable because hiring a PI costs a lot.

Private investigators specially train for this type of activity as they perform their tasks with the utmost discretion. Their work is mostly related to discovering hidden secrets, which applies to what your spouse is hiding from you. Private investigators are all over the world, making it easy for you to hire one that will help you know what your spouse is hiding and subsequently catch a cheater.

4. Always surprise him/her with a visit

If your spouse keeps giving an excuse for working overtime every day and you suspect that something wrong. Try visiting him/her unannounced in their workplace, ensure that you won’t stay long on your visit to make your intention visible. Upon walking inside the environment, look directly at your partner, and observe all of his/her reaction, try to pick up all actions, your partner’s responses at that moment.

If your partner isn’t cheating on you, he/she will likely reply to you with surprise and smile on their face while approaching you. Try to find a reasonable excuse to tell your partner about your unannounced visit. It doesn’t end with you only visiting your partner unannounced at work, as you can end up visiting their favorite places like a bar where he/she usually goes to drink.

This trick is also essential to apply after quarrelling with your partner. Some people tend to walk away, shutting the door behind their spouse whenever they disagree. During this period, they find it comfortable with sneaking out of the house to meet with their other lover. So, if your partner tends always to pick a fight and walk out of the house, calmly follow him and watch from a far distance to know what’s, he/she has been doing outside regularly. You might be surprised to discover that something is happening, every time they walk out and shut the door behind you.

5. Go through your partner’s stuff

Going through your partner’s personal belongings can help you discover the things; he/she has been hiding from you. There’s doubt that you might end up finding items or stuff you know nothing about like letters recently received by him/her from the other lover.

Even if you find nothing through your partner’s stuff, try searching around the room, anywhere one can hide something important. You can also try checking the recycle bin. It is an excellent disposing place where you can find relevant documents people dispose of without knowing.

Does your partner need space from you? If your partner wants space from you whenever you tag around them to have some fun, it can also mean they are getting bored of you. It might also be as a result of them not finding you attractive again, or they are hiding sensitive information about their other lover, which they don’t want you to know.

This behavior is likely to be a sign that your partner is cheating on you and don’t want things to go further with you. As a result of this, they might also end up changing schedules you both initially agreed on before. You will found it a surprise when your partner, all of a sudden, starts giving excuses on agreed schedules like vacations or get-togethers with friends. Due to what your partner is hiding, he/she might even find it hard inviting any of their friends over with the unimportant excuse of always being busy.


Hacking or spying someone else device is illegal and can cause break-up in relationships if discovered by your partner. Hacking or spying of your partner should endeavour to be your last resort when other alternatives like settling the issue amicably with honest dialogue. Don’t rush with the research on how to spy on a cheating spouse without trying other options first.

Using a hacker’s service has been proven to be very useful in gathering tangible evidence for people, which their spouse refuses to approve their divorce request. There are several benefits involve in the use of hacker’s services obtaining proof that your spouse has been cheating on you. So, firstly figure out what you are going through and know what your category falls into before making your final decision.



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