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Some people may argue with you, but telling someone their spouse is cheating, in my opinion, is the right thing to do. If you have an intention to reveal the truth, then go for it. However, this task of revealing can be a dangerous one as the cheater may hunt, report, or hurt you. You can risk your life, revealing the truth to a cheated spouse. When the cheating person is a close friend, telling their horrible secrets may ruin your relationship. If you’re a stranger, the cheated person may not believe you and side with the cheating person. At this point, you should tell someone their spouse is cheating anonymously and safely. Learn how you can do it below:

Gathering Evidence

When you want to tell someone that their spouse is cheating, you should gather valid evidence. Your intentions will shake a relationship that might have been in existence for years or decades. Make sure you have enough evidence. Gather physical evidence, like photos, videos, texts, and so forth. You can use the spy devices for cheating spouses that give extensive proof to start with your project. You can use the reports the devices provide as legit evidence for your cheated friend.

When you decide to tell the truth anonymously, you’d be the stranger, and the cheated person won’t believe you without compelling reasons. It’s not only about gathering clear evidence, but you’d also need to chain your findings, making them logical. Once you’ve gathered undeniable evidence, you can send them anonymously with these ways below.

Using Email

Email is a platform you can use to send texts, links, videos, or photos directly to the person that holds the address. Using email could be the best way to tell someone their spouse is cheating anonymously. You can make several new email addresses as your alter egos and use them to send the evidence. However, it’s not about sending them the files, you should be the alter ego that shows up as a real convincing person, or the cheated person would ignore you.

Build up your profile through your writing. Attach arranged and relevant media files only including How to catch a cheating spouse to convince the cheated person. If the deceived person responds positively to your report and requires your help more, you can keep going. However, don’t bomb them with multiple emails at one time, or you’d be considered spamming. Most people would delete all emails in their spam box.

Making a Phone Call

You can use a phone call to tell someone their spouse anonymously using a burner phone service or app. This service allows you to make temporary phone numbers so you can avoid using your real name. When it comes to a burner app, you will get more features, including changing your voice, and it will be untraceable. Today burner applications are available for Android and iOS, be sure to install the most reliable one.

However, there are some technical challenges when using a phone call. You have to be friendly but avoid being like a salesman or like a person calling a wrong number as the cheated person will end your call. Be very clear and straight on points you want to tell. It’s also a great idea to arrange the plot and to practice it before making a phone call.

Sending Letter

Sending a letter could be an old school, but it’s worth trying if the cheated person is living apart from their cheating spouse most of the time. Don’t use handwriting but instead type the letter to report your findings to avoid it tracing back to you. Write your report comprehensively, and any evidence like photos or report texts, you can print out. For video evidence, you can send a CD or micro SD card along with the letter.

Using Social Media Platforms


Social media platforms offer extensive features that help you tell the truth more effectively. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms require you to have accounts before posting anything. You can create some online accounts for your alter egos to connect with the cheated person. Profiling can be more convincing with social media but ensure you put reliable information and details on your alter ego accounts. Get some friends first and add or follow the cheated person’s accounts.

There are various ways to start communication with the cheated person, but it’s best if you go with a private message. Setting up your account correctly to back up your reports as a person will typically check the account before replying message in their inbox. General rules are you should never bomb them with words and never exaggerate things. If the cheated person feels terrorized with your attempts, not only will they ignore your reports, but they may report you to authority or their cheating spouse.

Educating The Cheated Person

Proving a person is cheating, and convincing the deceived person could be a lengthy task. Your good intention should not take over your life, and you should know the limits. At this point, you may consider educating the cheated person to recognize signs of a cheating spouse and to respond to them. You can recommend the spy tools or methods you use and guide him/her to go on by themselves. Besides, it could be more convincing(and relieving) if the cheated person can prove the cheating on their own.


Telling someone that their spouse is cheating could be a daunting task. However, you can take advantage of technology to help you gather the evidence and to communicate with the cheated person. No matter what the method or platform you use, be convincing, alter ego, never exaggerate things, and don’t terrorize the deceived person. 

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