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Popular searches on the internet includes how do I hire a hacker? Where can I hire a verified hacker? Legit hackers for hire need urgently etc. Don’t be deceived into thinking this is a one-way process. Civic-minded hackers and data-wranglers are often just as keen to get in touch with prospective clients.

Fortunately, this means that whether you are looking to hire a hacker or looking for possible collaborations, there will more than likely be someone out there who is interested in helping you. You just have to look at the right place, such as

So how do you find legit hackers online? You can check Verified-Hackers first. Also, here are a few more ideas:

Post on verified-hacker websites

You can hire a legit hacker on verified-hackers. You can also post your request and have hackers bid for it.

Contact relevant mailing lists

Such as the NICAR-L and Data Driven hack mailing lists.

Contact relevant organizations

If you want to clean up or scrape data from the web, you could contact an organization such as Verified-Hackers, who have a great address book of trusted and willing coders.

Join relevant groups/networks

Look out for initiatives such as hire a hacker services which bring professional and legit hackers together. Hackers now offer a broad range of hacking services, including; email hacking, phone hacking, Facebook hacking, WhatsApp hacking, social media hacking, computer hacking, groups are now springing up all around the world.

Local interest communities

You could try doing a quick search for an area of expertise in your area (e.g. ‘hire a hacker’ + ‘Australia’). You can also recover hacked websites.

Hackathons and competitions

Whether or not there is prize money available: app and visualization competitions and development days are often fruitful ground for collaboration and making connections.

Ask a geek

Geeks hang around with other geeks. Word of mouth is always a good way to find good people to work with.

Once you’ve found a hacker, how do you know if they are any good? We asked A. Dante, the Heralde’s Lead Interactive Technologist, for his views on how to spot a legit hacker:

They code the full stack

When dealing with hacking and programming, it is better to be a jack of all trades than a master of one. Apps and software require data wrangling, dynamic graphics and derring-do.

They see the whole picture

Holistic thinking favors narrative value over technical detail. I’d rather hear one note played with feeling than unceasing virtuosity in obscure scales. Find out how interested your hacker is in small jobs like hacking email accounts to more complex ones like hacking a cell phone, social media account or changing grades.

They keep learning

Technology moves fast. It’s a struggle to keep up with. Having met good hackers from all sorts of backgrounds, the most common trait is a willingness to learn new stuff on demand.

How To Find a Legit Hacker for Hire Online

The productivity difference between a good and a great hacker is exponential. Hiring well is extremely important. Unfortunately, hiring well is also very difficult. It’s hard enough to vet hackers if you are not an experienced technical manager.

Verified-Hackers recruits with two angles: personality appeal and technical appeal. Personality appeal believes trustworthy hackers for hire are essential in today’s technological world. You don’t have to go deep into the dark web in order to hire an ethical hacker. You are guaranteed to get the best hacking service on Verified-Hackers. offers the best professionhire a hacker onlineal hacker for hire service.

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