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Both white hat and black hat hackers, use hacking tools to support their procedures. Although there are extensive options for hacking apps, not all of them are reliable and helpful for hackers. Every hacker should learn some of the hacking tools below:

THC Hydra

THC Hydra is a popular hacking tool with the primary function of online password hacking, and it is popular among hackers. They use it to crack into WordPress Accounts. Hydra is a favourite classic hack tool. It comes with regular syntax to achieve hacking goals. Speed and stability are THC Hydra’s strengths. Especially when trying combinations of login and passwords with brute-force attacks or by using a dictionary to crack into the login page. Backed up with active community and developer, THC keeps relevant and reliable to crack more WordPress accounts. 


Metasploit is one of the most prominent penetration testing and hacking tools for Windows and Linux. And so, Hackers call it the mother of all hacking tools. With a massive resource of exploits, Metasploit has become a must learn and must-use tool for any ethical hackers to perform penetration testing for their client companies. Metalspoint framework can optimally work in conjunction with Sn1per, Nmap, Wireshark, and other tools. Leading IT courses, including CEH and OSCP, include Metasploit in their curriculum. It therefore helps you to formulate plans, methodologies, and strategies for both IDS testing and penetration testing procedure.

John The Ripper

John The Ripper is one of the hacking tools for Linux because It is popular for its feature to crack passwords. It has the best performance on Zip folders. Despite its cool name, John The Ripper is a decent hacking software with the ability to break complex passwords with a vast community. Many hackers use John The Ripper mostly to launch dictionary attacks with a variety of alterations. While THC is the leading online cracker, John The Ripper could has dominated the offline sectors. You can use both THC and John The Ripper to cover both areas. 


Sn1per is a decent penetration testing tool which developers and Hackers use it to scan vulnerabilities and has become popular worldwide. The tool comes under all-round Open-Source Intelligence(OSINT) hacking tools for the Linux operating system. It is a reliable penetrating testing tool, and is equipped with valuable commands to improve the procedure. The Sn1per is usable optimally in conjunction with major vulnerability assessment software like Nessus or Metasploit. Sn1Per comes with a paid and free or community version. It continuously backs up with continuous updates and an active, resourceful community. We highly recommend Sn1per for both developers and hackers.

Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is another old school hack tool on Linux and Windows with extensive supports and updates. Despite its worldwide popularity, Cain & Abel is a Windows’ password recovery tool. Although its versatility widens the IoT hacks usage. Both white and black hackers use Cain & Abel. They use it to crack password hashes using brute force, cryptanalysis attacks, dictionary attacks, rainbow table attacks, and dictionary attacks. Man in The Middle or MITM attacks are one of the typical attacks that Cain & Abel can help with, as a hacker.


Maltego is a popular and decent social engineer hacking tool with professional security features. Its design enables it to locate, aggregate, visualize data. It also maps out cyber threats by running intelligent software on Linux and Windows. The main strength of Maltego as a hacking tool is its ability to bridge and comprehend the local environment and online presence, including all connected social profiles like what a WhatsApp hacking tool does. This strength allows Maltego to demonstrate overall threats to a local network. Hackers may have to learn about OSINT so they can use Maltego properly.


OWASP Zed is an old school hacking tool and pen-testing tool. It has a giant library of hacks and exploits currently well known for its The Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP) project. It features automated scanners to help in discovering vulnerabilities in web-based applications. OWASP is home to an active and supportive community. It allows hackers to work within the cybersecurity area because its proficiency will enable you to perform penetration testing more efficiently. OWASP Zed is a must-learn hacking tool if you want to be a cybersecurity professional. The reliability and supports of the OWASP universe are unquestionable.


Nmap stands for Network Mapper, which is what it is. Metasploit and many other tools can effectively incorporate with Nmap. This connection makes it a must-learn tool for hackers. Because It’s an iconic free open source hackers tool, hackers use it for security auditing and network discovery. Nmap can identify the available network, name & version of the services, OS type & version of the firewall. It does this by creatively using raw IP packets. It’s been widely used around the world to check open ports, monitor and manage service, and network inventory.


Aircrack suite is one of the top Wi-Fi hacking tools for Linux offering great usable tools. It’s efficient to crack critical Wi-Fi networks with 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK security by capturing the data packets to recover the keys. It is classic but very useful. You can also use Aircrack for wireless network penetration testing and audit by taking advantage of KoreK attacks, PTW attacks, and FMS attacks. It is a must-learn tool for any ethical wireless hacker or auditor to gain access to wireless networks efficiently.


Wireshark is undoubtedly one of the most prominent penetration testing & network monitoring tools. Because it has a massive community as backup, Wireshark has become a must-learn tool for ethical hackers. Wireshark is widely used to monitor traffic, including phone monitoring. It captures data packets in real-time and present them. It comes with various filters that allow you to analyse traffic and individual components deeper. Cybersecurity practitioners use Wireshark and even had a security conference. Learning Wireshark for ethical hackers or cybersecurity practitioners would be no problems with an active community.


These are top hacking tools available in the market today and each features different approaches. The ones that come into this top list are backed up with an active or resourceful community. You can use a hacking tool in incorporation with other tools. Any hacker or security practitioner should learn these hacking tools for their success. It requires practice and a lot of patience to master the tools of hacking.

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