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It can be a very stressful and destructive experience to know that your spouse is cheating. Even when you cannot prove it, you’d still feel stress about finding the truth. There’s only one thing in your head now: How can I catch my cheating spouse and find answers. Learning from diverse experiences, here are some ways you can apprehend a cheating spouse below.

Installing Spy App On Your Spouse’s Phone

If you’re desperately suspecting whether your spouse is cheating on you, there’s no better option than access to his/her phone. There are spy apps available in the Google Store or App Store that you can install on your partner’s phone when there’s a chance.

These apps provide you with access to pretty everything they do with their phone. These might include when they are contacting an affair or visiting some suspicious places. Fortunately, these apps are user-friendly and considerably reliable if you want to cheat. You can monitor your spouse’s activities on their phone while they don’t realize it. There are articles on how to use spyware and How to spy on a cheating spouse. Before you begin this journey, be sure you are ready to face the consequences. For example

Using CCTV or Baby Monitor

8 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse
Forget about conventional setups. You can now make use of CCTV or baby monitors to set up your spouse. If you’re sure or curious about where your spouse is cheating with his/her affair, you can record the visual with these camera devices. Today’s CCTV or baby monitor allows you to connect via mobile app and wireless network so you can also monitor the camera in real-time.

A baby monitor could be an ideal option for its portability and easiness to conceal. Your spouse won’t even know that you’re setting up the camera. Whenever successful, this could be substantial proof that your spouse can’t even deny that they’re cheating on you.

Checking All Personal Communications

8 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Whenever you notice that your spouse is active but protective of their phone, it’s time to check their communications. We’re talking about text messages, email, instant private messaging, and other possible platforms.

Of course, the main challenge is to obtain access to your spouse’s phone. If you hardly get it from your spouse, then you may need a more advanced method.

You need to check irregularities in his/her communications. Advanced cheaters might not be so stupid to save chats or messages casually, but you can get some clues to confirm. You can answer your curiosity by installing a keylogger or spy app.

Using GPS Tracking Device to Track Movements

8 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating SpouseYou might have wondered where your spouse went with his/her affair as you’ve got solid feelings and signs that they’re cheating on you. Forget about conventionally trailing the target, and you can now use a GPS tracking device to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone and the movements of your spouse.

It’s an ideal method if your spouse rides their vehicle. Even if you’re still curious or confirm where they go when they’re not with you, it’s the most effective and less risky method to do.

Today, tons of GPS tracking devices are available in the market that can connect through mobile apps. This way, you can monitor your spouse’s vehicle’s movements from your phone in real-time. Call him/her randomly to check their position and see whether they’re lying or telling the truth. Otherwise, you can follow this GPS tracker to confirm it with your own eyes if your spouse is cheating on you.

Using Keylogger App

8 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Keylogger app is an application that can capture keystrokes inputted in your spouse’s cheating phone. Your cheating spouse may delete messages or chats on his/her phone, but you can still know when they type the messages with a keylogger app. On the other hand, you can have passwords of their accounts to proceed with further investigation.

A specific cheating spouse app usually employs a keylogger as its main feature. Keylogger apps typically send you reports about the captured keystrokes, but others may allow you to monitor in real-time. Either way, you can review anything that your spouse types on their phone throughout days and find out whether they’re cheating or not.

Social Engineering

A cheater tends to repeat his/her behavior, which could be the best chance for social engineering to work. You can set a fake social profile, send friend requests, start flirty chats, and hook up. Otherwise, you may socially engineer the scenario to obtain a pattern about your spouse’s cheating behavior that could become a valuable clue to prove his/her cheating. You can also do social engineering to get secret passwords or credentials you need to extend your investigations.

Hiring Private Investigator

A more premium solution to catch your cheating spouse is by hiring a private investigator. First of all, you’ve known all the DIY solutions mentioned above, but you might need professional service for better results. Of course, the private investigator’s cost may not be cheap, but they collect evidence and do the hard work for you.

Some private investigators offer comprehensive services to prove and catch your cheating spouse. They’re reporting to you as their client and keep your privacy as a form of professionalism. These private investigators may also use methods and tools previously mentioned above. However, you must also consider whether hiring a private investigator doesn’t violate the law in your country.

Hiring an ethical hacker

8 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

This choice may be unconventional, but certain cases require a lot of discreetness and anonymity, and who best can offer the services than a certified and licensed ethical hacker. Once you find a hacker with a genuine license and trustworthy track record, you can easily track your spouse’s device without any fear of discovery. You can use a reliable hacking platform like Verified-Hackers to conveniently obtain your spouse’s emails, texts, WhatsApp, telegram records, etc.

This method is usually the most sought after even though many people refuse to openly discuss it because of fear of judgment. You can choose to save your sanity by hiring someone to take on all the challenges and deliver the information you need.


There are multiple ways you can catch your cheating spouse using different tools. You can combine other methods and tools for your investigations as it depends on your current circumstances. The success key is determination and no hesitation in proving the truth. Fortunately, some technologies can help you confirm the facts in a less risky way, like using a GPS tracker or spy app. If you want a more solid investigation about your cheating spouse, you may consider hiring an ethical hacker or private investigator.

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